Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kien at Age Two

Since yesterday I covered Kien's birth story, today I wanted to catch up on a few stats on Kien at age two. He is such a funny character and though I know time will fade my memory of these days, I wish I could record and remember every detail of this precious little person's childhood.

Weight: 31 pounds
Height: 38 inches—will find out for sure at next week's wellcheck

Fave Foods: green beans, celery, grapes, strawberries, chocolate candy, milk, chips, pretzels, oatmeal, chicken fingers.

Fave Things:
-Sports- any kind though right now the fascination is baseball

-Stuffed animals-he's fond of his Winnie the Pooh right now and sleeps with him at night

-Dancing-right now he likes to dance to the Turbo Jam DVDs- he's so weird J

-Slides-he loves going down the slides at playgrounds and is not timid at all

-Cousins-he loves to play with his cousins and has funny sounding names for them. Caselyn and McKoy are both just "A-coy", Ava is "A-ya", Ellie is "Eh-yee" and Sophia is "EEE-AAAA"

-Climbing-he is into climbing everything right now, especially the counter top in the kitchen.

Stuff he Says:

-"A-go, A-pooh, a-daddy etc….. "This is where is (insert thing), so when he's looking for his Winnie the Pooh it is "Ah pooh?"

-"No No no-o"- This one's hard to get without hearing him say it. This is "I Don't Know" but he says it in a sing-songy kind of tone.

-"Bup"- This is what he says when he wants "up" on something. He will come to you or the thing and tap on it and say "bup, bup"

-"Gank ku"- This is "thank you" It sounds like thank you but he starts it with a "G" instead of "th". He says this ALL the time and is a very polite boy. Anytime anybody gives anything to anyone he calls it a 'gank ku."

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Bingham fam said...

Megan, YOu and Jesse need to bring Kien to my house on Sunday at 6:30 for a friend get together! I sent an invite to Jesse on Facebook. Let me know if you guys can come. We would love to see you there! :)